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I'm blessed with a wonderful husband. We have two fabulous daughters and three spoiled fur-babies. Life is hectic, but wonderful. I've finally realized my dream of publishing my own designs. Check out my website   I'm a perfectionist which drives my husband and daughters crazy. I'm a total animal person and the quickest way to piss me off is to tease or harm an animal. I'm a compulsive shopper which also makes me a compulsive stasher Unless I live to be 685 years old, I'll never use up all my stash. Needless to say my daughters will be cursing me when I die and they have to clean out my craft room
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Stop in and see some of my designs, Rhodes Butterfly NeedleArt Designs

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Wow, let's see. I love to cross stitch, knit, quilt and scrapbook. But I also collect antiques and love to garden. Then there's the shopping, well, what can I say...it's a disease.

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